API Documentation

Note to Existing API Users

We've upgraded our API to Version 3.0 which means there are lots of exciting improvements. But first things first, even though you are already integrated with a previous version, everything will still work exactly as it did before.

  • Version 3.0 differs from the API's previous session-based versions that required you to call the login() method first. API keys are not compatible with the old login() authentication method, and you cannot use the two together.

    Please do not use the login() method with new development.

  • Many new methods are available in Version 3.0, and some have changed. Please view the Changes made to the API for Version 3.0 and go to the index to see what methods are now available.

  • The previous Campaign methods have not been removed, but are now referred to as Batch methods. Campaigns now represent what we previously called Automation. Currently there are no 'Automation' methods in the API.

Help & Support

If you need assistance with your API Integration, our Support team is here to help. You can access the Support team directly via the Knowledge Center - Just ask your question here and the team will usually provide a response within minutes.

If you don't have access to Knowledge Centre, please email hello@brandmail.com.au with as much information as possible including any code relevant.