About the API

About the API

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Application Programming Interface (API)

The BrandMail Application Programming Interface (API) is a powerful tool that enables marketers to automate many functions of their e-messaging. It does this by allowing third party systems to talk and synchronise with our system, thus creating a highly streamlined and efficient method for handling data. Essentially, the API allows your computer to interact with BrandMail using a programming language - also known as 'code'.

Why use the API?

By using the API you can:

  • Create efficiencies by integrating disparate systems;

  • Save time by automating repetitive and laborious tasks and;

  • Reduce the potential for human error.

What you can achieve

Synchronise: Remove the requirement to manually export and import data between systems by synchronising your customer databases with BrandMail.

Integrate: Automatically trigger targeted emails based on a customer's interactions with your shopping cart, by integrating your e-commerce systems.

Create: Automatically create emails using content published to your website, by having BrandMail talk to your CMS.

Intelligence: Create intelligent web forms that lookup a database to determine how best to handle the form submission. For example, update a record if it already exists, and create a new record if it doesn't.

Tailor: Create and tailor features and functionality to meet your specific e-messaging needs.

What you need to know

  • The API is a tool for programmers.
  • The API does not provide direct access to the data that BrandMail holds.

The Protocols we support are XML Remote Procedure Calls (XML-RPC) and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).

What can you do next?

Do you have access to a programmer? Yes: Great, simply let them know what you'd like to achieve by having BrandMail talk with your systems. Send them this API website and they'll be able to start integrating.

No: Not to worry. If you're not a programmer, and don't have one in your company we work with a number of Trusted Partners who can help you implement the BrandMail API.

To get started using the API, head to the Method Reference Guide.

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