Method Reference Guide

Method Reference Guide

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Welcome to Version 3.0 of the API.

The reference pages include information that will help you use a method, including the method structure, parameter definitions, and sample code. Before using this guide, you should have a good understanding of Web Services, and you should be familiar with the user interface.

If you are not a developer, we strongly suggest that you do not attempt to use the API code; you may accidentally delete or modify system data or otherwise interfere with your system's ability to operate.

Help is available in a variety of formats that you can access from the user interface. Click the Help link in your account to access the Knowledge Centre where you can ask a question directly to the Support team. Free Live Training Sessions are available should you wish to gain a better understanding on how the user interface works prior to implementing the API.

Introductory information

API Method Reference Index

Glossary, Error Codes, and Reserved Words

Guide to Styles Used in This Documentation

Item Style Example
System Object first letter upper-case Folder
Method, Field, Code typewriter font addContact
Field value, parameter value italics campaign

When any of the items above are displayed in a code example, they are shown in in the same typewriter font as the rest of the code in the example.

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